About Us

Welcome to BM Animals, we aim to provide you with all things healthy for your pet in a one stop health shop!

The first arm of our business was BM Pet Snax which evolved from our frustrated search for high quality treats for our own four legged family members. We have been pet parents for more than 40 years and have a passion for small animal health and nutrition.

All of our initial product development and production was out of our home kitchen during early morning and late night sessions while we both worked full time jobs. Why were we so driven? It's simple really, we wanted to produce a range of biologically appropriate, healthy pet food and tasty treats that are chemical, preservative and additive free. So no sugar, salt, chemicals, preservatives, colour or flavours! 

We were so proud to introduce our BM Green Tripe Australia line of products into our product stable - the health benefits of Green Tripe are immense and include an available source of digestive enzymes and probiotics. Products include Fresh Frozen Raw Green Tripe as well as Dehydrated Green Tripe Powder, a great alternative if raw isn't an option for you. You will also find dehydrated green tripe treats and chews - a perfect treat that your dogs will love

The next addition was frozen meals for our canine companions under the banner of BM Aussie Everyday Tucker. We produce two lines, our BARF style frozen complete raw meals and our healthy, soothing casseroles which we developed especially to help heal the digestive tract of dogs with disorders such as irritable bowell and leaky gut as examples. This caserole line is also an excellent transition when changing from a commercial diet to raw. Our bone broth base and the addition of fresh Green Tripe in every meal will have your dogs bursting with health and vitality!

And we will be releasing our raw frozen cat meals in the near future so watch out for these!

The ingredients for both our meals and treats are 100% Australian product sourced fresh from the farm wherever possible. We are so fortunate to live in this amazing country where it is so easy to source clean fresh produce, so important for our health and that of our pets!

So what is important to us -

  • Australian product that helps to support Aussie jobs and Aussie farmers
  • Product that is free of preservatives, antibiotics and chemical residues that can sometimes be the cause of allergic reactions such as skin issues in sensitive pets
  • We believe that everything that we feed our pets should be good for them BUT at the same time it must  also TASTE GREAT
  • And we believe that when you purchase product you want to feel confident that you are paying for a quality product NOT fancy packaging and clever marketing! For this reason you will find our products are packaged simply with clear concise labels.

We often hear comments like "But it's only a dog, what does all this matter!" - it matters to us! Our pets are a very important part of our family and we want a long and healthy life for them. We don't want them to be itchy, lethargic, ill or battling constant pain and we believe that today's commercially produced diet, high in inflammatory grains and low quality ingredients, is responsible for the growing numbers of pets suffering from a range of auto-immune disorders..This includes both food and treats. 

So it is the quality of BM Animal products that sets us apart from the majority - we will never be price competative with the supermarkets and pet shops BUT we will always provide your pet with the very best quality, health supporting foods and treats possible! And when you think about it, isn't that what you want for your pets - like us they "are what they eat"! 

And while we promote raw feeding, we do realise that this isn't the best option for everyone SO we stock Meals for Mutts and Meals for Meows. This amazing range of dry food is Aussie owned and Aussie made and is honestly the best dry option that we've ever found. We're confident and happy to endorse this product line.

We are often asked "What does BM stand for?"  - it is actually Bon Manna, a play on words meaning Good Food and we believe that this is very appropriate name. However, if that's hard to remember just think of Best Mates - who are always there for us, giving  us their love unconditionally and certainly deserve the best

And finally we're only a phone call or email away so please don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions about any products we have listed here or if we can be of any assistance in any way.

Our factory direct health store outlet is open Tuesday to Friday from 9am to 6pm and we can be contacted on mobile 0488144675.

Happy Pet Parenting!

John & Maree