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Beef Lung 100g

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Beef Lung is often known as Beef Breather or Beef Puff - but the name isn't important, what is important is that we source only the freshest and best quality lung and from animals certified for human consumption. We trim away any fat, slice the meat and air dry it in our unique dehydrators at the lowest of temperatures to retain the naturally high nutrient level, vitamins and minerals.    

Beef lung is a good source of riboflavin, zinc and copper and a great source of protein, Vit C, niacin, Vit B12, Iron, phosphorus and selenium. It is a Low GI option with a score of 0 (zero) and is mildly anti-inflammitory wit a rating of 38. This makes for a very good, low-fat treat option suitable for diabetics, pancreatic, digestive issues, arthritic dogs (all auto-immune disorders due to it's anti-inflammitory nature). It is also a very popular treat that is so easy to use, it breaks up easily into small pieces when training and doesn't leave crumbs or residue in your pocket or treat pouch. And dogs love it making it a highly popular training treat!

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