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Because they’re hardwired to choose only the freshest, highest quality meats, cats are notoriously fussy eaters. Add to that a feline health problem such as joint, sight or digestive problems, and you’ve got a real issue! Luckily, for discerning pet parents looking for low fat cat food and other food for cats with health issues, there’s the Meals for Meows range.

Suitable as cat food for cats with allergies due to its hypoallergenic formulation, Meals for Meows is packed full of the farm fresh high quality ingredients your cat deserves. The Kangaroo & Turkey formula is free of the fillers and meat by-products you might find in mainstream cat food. What’s more, because kangaroo meat is so high in protein, it’s guaranteed to appeal to even fussy eaters. If you’re looking for a tasty, appealing, healthy cat food that will meet your cat’s nutritional requirements, pick up a bag of Meals for Meows today. You can buy healthy cat food online in the 2.5kg size and have it delivered direct to your door, so it’s not only a premium choice, it’s convenient too! If you’ve got a few cats to take care of, you can also pick up a great value for money 9kg bag at our Bayswater factory. Pay online now and your order will be ready and waiting for you to collect.

Want to really surprise your four-legged friend? Add one of our all-natural cat treats to your order. Click here to browse the different varieties available.

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These high quality 50:50 lucerne and oats cubes are manufactured from premium locally grown lucer..
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