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Chicken Treats Your Cat Will Love

Why shouldn't our feline family members have the option of great tasting treats as well as their canine counterparts? BM Animals certainly haven't forgotten the felines in your family. Check out the great range of all Australian healthy treats for your puss. Our treats are farm fresh, high quality protein products that your cat will love. You can buy healthy cat treats online and have them shipped direct to your door. Convenient for you and extra healthy for your cat!

As true carnivores cats require high-quality food and treats packed with protein and enough flavour to make sure they won’t turn up their tail. At BM Animals we know that cats are very particular about what they eat - they really only enjoy the freshest, top quality proteins and that is what our cat treats are.

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Chicken Breast 75g
Our dehydrated chicken breast is just that -100% quality chicken breast slices that we dehyd..
Ex Tax: AU$15.00
Turkey Breast 75g
BM Animals premium grade turkey breast is a great low fat treat option for your puss or pooch. Ou..
Ex Tax: AU$18.00
Chicken Liver 250g
Our dehydrated Chicken Liver is a great treat for both dogs and cats. This is 100% human grade Au..
Ex Tax: AU$30.25
Rabbit Meat Treat for puss and pooch 50g
Our dehydrated rabbit meat is just that - pure 100% quality all-Australian rabbit meat that ..
Ex Tax: AU$15.00
Duck Heart 50g for cats and dogs
Our 100% Australian Duck Heart is sliced and dehydrated to perfection making it an excl..
Ex Tax: AU$10.00
Chicken Liver 75g
Our dehydrated Chicken Liver is a great treat for both dogs and cats. This is 100% human grade Au..
Ex Tax: AU$10.00
 Wafers - Kangaroo & Rabbit 75g
These pure protein wafers are just the treat for any dog that needs to avoid grain in it's diet. ..
Ex Tax: AU$15.00