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BM Animals Delivery Information

At BM Animals we pride ourselves on delivering top-quality pet food to suburbs right across Melbourne. Simply browse our selection of natural products on the left of the page to find the perfect meals and treats for your barking buddy or feline friend. We’ll get your order to you either by mailing it out or delivering it right to your door, and the hungry mouths that wait behind it! Have a look below to find out how we can get each of our quality products to you.

Fresh and Frozen Meals

We provide fast, convenient home delivery across our range of fresh,  frozen meals,AND you can include frozen chews, dehydrated treats and chews.. That means that you’ll always have a supply of high-quality meals made with the best natural ingredients available. All our products  are free of chemicals and preservatives, and you won’t find any artificial colours or flavours either. You’ll always know exactly what you’re feeding your pets while helping to support their health and promote good nutrition. Plus they’ll love the great, natural flavours!

Unfortunately we can’t mail frozen meals, but thanks to our terrific team of drivers your order will arrive at your doorstep within a matter of days. Get in touch with our team to find out more about where we can deliver, just phone 0488144675 for more information

Pet Treats and Wellbeing Supplements

As well as full meals we also supply a wide range of pet treats and wellbeing supplements. Our treats are the perfect way to train or reward your dog and make for a fantastic snack between meals. Their all-natural ingredients mean that your dog will be eating well all day long. The best part is that all our dehydrated treats and long-lasting chews can be mailed anywhere in Australia!

Our wellbeing supplements help you to support the health of your four-legged friend. Chat to our team to find out what product will be well suited for your pet and help to get them feeling fantastic and looking their best.

All orders under 2.5kg can be mailed straight to you, while larger bags of dry food and tasty treats, such as the 9kg or 20kg bags, will be brought to your door by one of our dedicated drivers.

To find out more information about our fantastic range of pet food, or to chat to one of our team about which food or supplement is right for your dog or cat, contact us by clicking here!