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At BM Animals we pride ourselves on producing a wide range of extremely high quality all Australian dehydrated dog treats and chews. We know how hard it can be to know what the best product is to achieve the desired result for your dog. That's why we are always available to answer any questions you might have - yes, a real person at the other end of the phone. Please, if we're already assisting another customer make sure you leave a message and your contact details, and we'll call you back.

Our dehydrated treats are 100% natural with absolutely nothing added. That means no hidden chemicals or additives that can affect the health of your hound. They are great for use as training treats, "I love you" treats, and perfect for snacks to keep your puppies happy between meals. We also specialise in the best chews to help promote great oral health in our "Teeth and Gums Range" We are concerned about the health of your fur babies so we work very hard to ensure that the treats you lovingly share with your puss or pooch not only taste great but are great nutritionally as well.

For dog treats Melbourne customers can actually feel good about feeding to their treasured pets, try the BM range. We have low fat, dehydrated meat snacks with zero additives for pets on a low fat diet, and we also formulate long-lasting chews from all natural ingredients to promote healthy teeth and good digestion.  

For more information on any of the treats in our range, or for help with buying healthy dog treats online, please don’t hesitate to contact us. Did you know that we also manufacture BARF style fresh frozen meals which we will deliver to your home for a nominal fee AND you can include all those little extras as well. To find information about our delivery service for each of our outstanding products click here.

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 Wafers - Kangaroo & Rabbit 75g
These pure protein wafers are just the treat for any dog that needs to avoid grain in it's diet. ..
Ex Tax: AU$15.00
Shark Cartilage 100g
Dehydrated shark cartliage is a healthy and highly nutritious option as a treat for both dogs and..
Ex Tax: AU$13.50
Looking for a small-medium dog chew that's not too hard but will be a chew treat that will keep t..
Ex Tax: AU$12.00
Chicken Breast 75g
Our dehydrated chicken breast is just that -100% quality chicken breast slices that we dehyd..
Ex Tax: AU$15.00
Lamb Lung 100g
Lamb Lung is often known as Lamb Breather or Lamb Puff - but the name isn't important, what is im..
Ex Tax: AU$15.00