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Sweet Treat Vanilla Yoghurt Buttons 100g

Sweet Treat Vanilla Yoghurt Buttons 100g
Brand: BM Pet Snax
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Vanilla Yoghurt buttons are a great option for that special occasion treat when you're looking for something different and they are a great chocolate substitue which of course we know is not safe for our pets to eat!

Nutritionally we wouldn't recommend feeding these on a regular basis and we recommend that a serve be limited to 2-4 buttons. 

**NOTE** This product cannot be shipped during the warmer months because they melt - please contact us if you are unsure if safe to order!

Ingredients include: Low fat milk solids, Palm kernell oil, Yoghurt solids, Emulsifier (soy lecithin)

Made in Australia
Distributed by BM Pet Snax

Typical Nutritional Analysis per100g:

                                                         Energy              1887Kj

                                                         Protein               11g

                                                         Fat                      31g

                                                         Carbohydrate     49g

                                                         Sodium               118mg

                                                         Potasium             179mg



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