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Beef Jerky 100g

Beef Jerky 100g
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Our beef jerky is 100% Australian beef buttock with absolutely nothing added. No salt or sugar, no chemicals, presevatives flavours or colours, just pure clean aussie beef,

This jerky is suitable for dogs that don't require a hard chew  including smaller dogs, dogs with teeth problems eg missing teeth or just for a great, nutritious treat

Our beef jerky is naturally low in sodium, it is a good source of Vitamin B12, Phosphorus and Zinc, and a very good source of Protein, Niacin Vitamin B6 and Selenium.


Typical Analysis per 30g Dry Weight

Calories                      142

Total Fat                      6g

Total Carbs                 0%

Protein                        21g

Amino Acid Score       94 (A score of 100 or more indicates a complete and high quality protein)

Glycemic Index            0 (This indicates the effect on blood sugar levels - for weight loss, diabetes and metabolic problems aim for low levels)

Inflammatory Rating   18 (Lower levels eg more negative indicate an inflammitory food, higher or positive ratings indicate an antiinflammitory food)

Omega 3                     20.0mg

Omega 6                     187mg

Calcium                        23mg

Iron                              1.5mg

Magnesium                  22.0mg

Phosphorus                 198mg

Potassium                    333mg

Sodium                        54.0mg

Zinc                              3.8mg

Copper                         0.1mg

Manganese                  0.0mg

Selenium                      25.9mcg



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