Rabbit Meat Treat for puss and pooch 50g - BM Animals

Rabbit Meat Treat for puss and pooch 50g

Rabbit Meat Treat for puss and pooch 50g
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Our dehydrated rabbit meat is just that - pure 100% quality all-Australian rabbit meat that we dehydrate to perfection with absolutely nothing added. When you start with a farm fresh product you don't need to add anything, so, no salt, no sugar, no chemicals or preservatives and especially no colourings or flavourings.We can also be sure that there is nothing added prior to our manufacturing either - this means that you can be confident of a pure and chemical free product.

This is an extremely healthy treat for both dogs and cats and we find that they love the natural flavour!

Rabbit is naturally low in cholesterol, sodium & saturated fat while it is a high quality protein with good levels of Omega 3 and Omega 6 and also high in Vit B12 (Vitamin B12 is important for the healthy function of the brain and nervous system, the formation of blood and also extremely important for cell health)

We would recommend this product for dogs and cats requiring a low fat diet such as dogs suffering from pancreatitis, the low sodium and cholesterol qualities also mean that it is suitable for any animal suffering from heat and cardio-vascular problems.

Per 30g Dry Weight:

Calories                               114

Total fat                                 2g

Total carbs                              0%

Protein                                   22g

Amino Acid Score                 142 (A score of 100 or more indicates a complete and high quality protein)

Glycemic Index                      0 (This indicates the effect on blood sugar levels - for weight loss, diabetes and metabolic problems aim for lower levels)

Inflammitory Rating                +5 (Lower levels - eg more negative indicate inflammitory and the more positive the rating the more anti-inflammitory the food)

Omega 3                               90mg

Omega 6                               360mg

Calcium                                12.0mg

Iron                                        3.2mg

Magnesium                          29.0mg

Phosphorus                             226mg

Potassium                                378mg

Sodium                                     50.0mg

Zinc                                           0.0mg

Copper                                      0.0mg

Manganese                              0.0mg

Selenium                                  9.4mcg                            




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