Dog Food Rowville

When only the best will do for your treasured canine, feed them the diet nature intended, feed them biologically appropriate raw food (appetisingly named BARF for short). Here at BM Animals we prepare fresh, nutritious meals from raw wholefoods, then freeze them ready for delivery to your door.

When they want to purchase fresh and healthy dog food, Rowville locals know they can trust the team at BM Animals. You can have the same confidence in our meals that you would in food you have prepared yourself, and the BM range provides you with an affordable, convenient and healthy alternative to over-processed, imported dog food.  

We also supply the natural supplements that fill in any gaps or nutritional deficiencies in your dog’s diet. We have pure and natural kelp powders that supply the trace elements, minerals and amino acids essential to any dog’s diet, as well as tripe and other supplements that can assist your canine companion’s health as they move into their senior years. 

Our aim is to provide convenience with foods that are nutritionally complete, and frozen or dehydrated without chemicals and preservatives. We strive to provide a diet closest to the one any canine would naturally eat, with all the goodness and health benefits of meat, offal and bones.  

Cat Food Rowville

We also have the nutritionally complete cat food Rowville residents have been searching for. Our ‘Meals for Meows’ are rich in the ingredients our feline friends require for optimal health and wellbeing.

You can pick these meals up from our Bayswater factory store, order online and have them delivered to your door, or call us to find out which Melbourne market we will be attending on the weekend.

While you are stocking up on pet food, why not add a few treats to the mix? We take real ingredients, dehydrate and package them. That’s it. No preservatives, additives or nasty surprises.

So, if you have been searching for dog or cat food made from quality Australian produce and available for purchase ‘near me’ why not call our team on 03 9762 7743 to find out more today?  


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