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Box Hill Barf Dog Food

Never forget to pick up the dog food again and have to come home to a pouting pooch. BM Animals offer a wide range of quality pet food products at affordable prices, meaning you’ll never have to stress about lugging that heavy bag of overpriced dog food home from the supermarket again! 

For any questions about our our product range, including BARF dog food Box Hill pet owners can chat to our help team of experts.

Biologically Appropriate Raw Food (BARF)

To help your dog develop and maintain cleaner teeth, a shinier coat and increased energy levels talk to our team at BM Animals today about starting them on BARF. Short for Bones and Raw Food or Biologically Appropriate Raw Food, the meals focus on the kinds of foods that dogs ate before they were domesticated. This includes raw meat, bones and fruits, rather than the largely grain-based foods usually sold.

Fresh Food For Your Dog

Stop chasing your own tail searching for the best deals on poor quality pet food products in supermarkets. By using our additive-free products you’ll know exactly what your pets are eating with every meal, no nasty hidden extras only natural ingredients.

To find out about how we can get your dog’s tail wagging again, or to get more information on BARF dog food, Box Hill residents can contact our team by clicking here


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