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Barf Dog Food in Lilydale

We all love our pets but with our fast-paced lives and rush to get home from work it can be easy to forget to pick up the dog food. Here at BM Animals we supply high-quality BARF dog food in Lilydale, meaning you’ll never forget to feed Fido again! When you buy poor quality dog food you are paying a high price, in more ways than one. Not only will these products damage your bank balance, more often than not they offer very little in terms of nutritional value for your pets. 

Our extensive product range includes affordable fine foods for both dogs and cats, free from harmful additives as well as artificial colours and flavours. Quality service, amazing products. That’s what we do at BM Animals. 

Biologically Appropriate Raw Food (BARF)

If we suggested your dog try BARF you might have thought we were a little odd. In fact BARF stands for either Bone and Raw Food or Biologically Appropriate Raw Food and is a diet designed to get your pooch looking and feeling fabulous. By eating fruits, vegetables and raw meat, as replacements for common grain-based products, your dog’s diet will more closely match what it would have eaten had it not been domesticated. Get in touch with our helpful team to find out more!

Still have a few questions? To learn more about our delivery service and BARF dog food Lilydale pet owners can chat to us today, just click here!  


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