Barf Dog Food in North Melbourne

Don’t make a dog’s dinner of sorting out your dog’s dinner. At BM Animals we provide top-grade products and BARF dog food to North Melbourne pet owners. That means the best quality food at affordable prices. Once they’ve tried one of our treats your dog will wonder how they ever got on without it.

Biologically Appropriate Raw Food (BARF)

If your dog is suffering from unhealthy skin, a dull coat or a lack of energy the problem might be a dietary one. BARF, Biologically Appropriate Raw Food or Bone and Raw Food, is a diet based around what dogs would have eaten before they became domesticated. Moving away from the mostly grain-based foods that are commercially available today, the BARF diet focuses on bones, raw meat, fruits and vegetables. The diet can help to promote a brighter coat and cleaner teeth for your dog and contribute to smaller stools.

Why Fresh Food Is Better For Your Dog

Giving your dog fresh food not only gets their tail wagging, it will promote good nutrition and support a healthy diet, helping to ensure your pooch won’t ever get too portly. BM Animals supply meals and treats that are not only better for your panting pal but have a taste any dog is sure to love.

Did your ears perk up hearing any of this, or did a certain someone else’s? To find out more about our range of fresh pet food and BARF dog food North Melbourne pet owners can click here to contact us. 



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