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Barf Dog Food in Ringwood

Quality dog food at competitive prices? Your pooch won’t be the only one jumping for joy. At BM Animals you can shop for the finest in fresh pet food and tasty doggy treats. We’re helping to take some of the stress out of organising your dog’s dinner, while also providing quality, natural ingredients to your pets. 

Biologically Appropriate Raw Food (BARF)

It mightn’t seem too appetising to you or us, but to dogs there’s nothing better than BARF. An acronym for both Bone and Raw Food and Biologically Appropriate Raw Food, BARF is a diet that focuses on raw meat, bones, fruits and vegetables- all foods that dogs would have eaten prior to becoming domesticated. Healthier teeth and skin and smaller stools are just some of the advantages of the BARF diet.

To find out more on BARF dog food Ringwood pet lovers and dog owners can chat to one of our talented team. They’ll help you to figure out how your dog can benefit from a more natural and preservative-free diet.

Fresh Food For Your Pet

To give your furry friend the freshest food available look no further than BM Animals. We have a huge range of stock, with quality pet food for both dogs and cats. By giving your pets the best when it comes to their food you’ll be helping them to develop a good nutritional balance, all the while knowing that you’re not exposing them to added chemicals or artificial flavours.

To discover more about our fresh feasts and treats, like BARF dog food, Ringwood residents can contact our team here


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