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Dog Food Wantirna

There are so many reasons to feed your dog a diet of biologically appropriate raw food. Known as BARF for short, this diet is made to mimic the food our canine companions were always meant to eat. It means REAL food, with real nutrition and health benefits.

Many customers first try the BM range when they are already feeding raw, and want to know that they have balanced, nutritionally complete food in the freezer for those times when they can’t prepare a fresh meal.

Once they have tried out our dog food, Wantirna customers come back to it again and again because they see the difference it makes in the health and vitality of their pets. We keep our prices affordable so that every pet parent can feed their treasured fur baby the complete diet they deserve.  

Cat Food Wantirna

We also have the cat food Wantirna locals can count on to help keep their feline friends healthy and happy. Most cats are very selective about the food they will eat, and we pride ourselves on making great meals that won’t have them turning up their noses in disdain. The secret to this success is putting in the natural meats and meat products that your cat wants to eat. We recreate the diet nature intended, and you see the difference in your pet’s health and happiness.  

All of our meals, health supplements and snacks are chemical and preservative free. We simply freeze or dehydrate the raw ingredients and offer numerous delivery and pick-up options so that you can feed your pets the freshest food possible.

If you have been searching for an Australian company making great dog and cat food in Wantirna ‘near me’ then you can visit our Bayswater factory store or call us on 03 9762 7743. Order online and we can deliver straight to your door or send us an email to find out which farmers’ market we will be attending this coming weekend.


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