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The BM Range of Fresh Frozen Meals for Dogs


It is so important to choose the correct food for your dog.

Perhaps you have been feeding a commercial diet and wish to transition to raw and you'd like support.

Perhaps your dog has been enjoying your lovingly prepared raw meals but time isn't always on your side and you would like to be able to call on something equally as good from your freezer when necessary. Or you'd like to be able to meet all of his food requirements from your freezer and know with confidence that it has been formulated with ultimate health in mind - not just to create more profits for huge multi-nationals.

Perhaps you have a dog that has been vet diagnosed with a health issue. We can help with our Functional foods formulated to assist your dog with regaining health.       

Transition Casserole -We have developed this lightly cooked meal to prepare the digestive system of dogs fed a commercial diet of kibble and cans for a raw diet. Dogs feed a totally commercial diet will often have difficulty transitioning to a raw diet, especially thoes with digestive issues already. 

We meet so many pet parents whoes canine companions have been vet diagnosed with irritable bowell, leaky gut or other digesive problems. Others who have dogs with "sensitive tummies" who show some or all of the following symptoms - multiple runny poo, poor nutrient absorption, bad reactions to a small change of diet, an uncomfortable bloated tummy, extremely sensitive to anything remotely fatty etc etc. Many of these owners have purchased every known dog food from the supermarket, pet store and vet trying to find something that gives a better result. Many have tried raw unsucessfully. The problem? None of these foods heals the digesive system, and while it remains ill, there is no change in the outcome.

We cook our meat & mixed vegetables in a bone broth stock. When cooled we add Whole Egg wt te shell, BM Tripe, BM Offal Mix, BM Digestive Enzyme mix, Coconut Oil, Kelp,  and Kefir.

Lightly cooked meat and mixed vegetables are easier for a compromised digestive system to process. The collagen in the bone broth places a soothing film on the inflammed lining of the digesive tract to promote healing, while the amazing probiotics supplied in tripe and kefir help to balance the  ratio of good and bad gut flora. And at the same time, the natural supply of digesive enzymes in our meals will allow a better digesion of food.

We constantly hear comments like "so good to be able to pick up poo in the back yard rather than allow it to dry and then run the mower over it!" OR "my dog is so much happier, more relaxed, more energy etc etc etc" AND "great poo and no painful tummy" OR even "my dog is so much smarter since going onto your food"

Once the digestive system is healed and back into balance the owners can choose to stay on casserole or transition onto raw sucessfully. 

Available in 

500g Tubs - $6.50 ea

250g Tubs - $4.00 ea


NOTE - This product is not available BULK

BM Everyday COMBO - Raw - This product was developed with the budget savy dog owner in mind. We are all trying to make our $ go further but we want to ensure that our family pet is still going to ge all the nutrients he needs. Or perhaps you have multiple dogs so food can become quite an expense.

BM Everyday Combo is a good option for all dogs without special health needs and is not rcommended for puppies or senior dogs.

Curretly only available in one variety and in thefollowing sizes:

500g tubs  - $6.75 ea

1kg tub - $12.50 ea

Bulk - by preorder only - min ordr 5kg and made fresh on Tuesday and Friday for pick up same day - $11.90/kg


Ingredients include: Australian Grass Fed Beef Chicken (including bone), Lamb, Beef Heart, BM Bone Broth, Mixed Fruit and Vegetables, BM Offal, Kelp and Kefir



And here we have our Preium Range - the very best in BARF Syle Meals that you will ever see

Containing top quality proteins, mixed fruit and vegetables, offal, tripe, BM Bone Broth, BM Digestive Enzymes, Whole Egg, Kelp, Kefir

Our primary protein sources are Grass Fed Beef, Veal and Kangaroo

Our secondary proteins are - Chicken, Turkey, Duck & Lamb,

So examples of our Premium meals may include; Beef and Turkey, Kangaroo and Lamb, Veal and Chicken

Available in

500g Tubs - $8.50 ea

250g Tubs - $4.60 ea

100g Tubs - $2.60 ea 

Bulk by pre-order - min quantity 5 kgs - $13.50/kg


 Specialty Meals Available:

  • Puppy Complete Meals
  • Seniors Meals
  • Low-inflamatory Meals for dogs with arthritis or joint issues
  • Skin & Coat - for dogs with sensitivities & allergies
  • GI - to help eradicate thoes sensitive tummies
  • Cancer Mix
  • Renal problems
  • EPI
  • Pancreatic


Talk to us if you would like more information on our specialty meals - we can formulate to meet your pet's special needs


Meals are available in 500g, 250g and 100g serving sizes

Meals are prepared weekly - to ensure availability we recommnd pre-ordering to avoid dissappointment.

**Please Note**


For more infomation please call us on 0488144675




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